8 Foods You Didn't Know Were Fruits

You’ll be surprised to learn that these foods are technically fruits

Pea Pods


From string beans to snap peas, these podded beans are technically considered fruits. Since they all grow from a flower-based plant, they are categorized as a fruit. 



As the product of a mature flower ovary with their many seeds and refreshing bite, cucumbers are actually a fruit



Not only is the avocado a fruit, it is actually a single-seeded berry. Fleshy fruits are broken down into two classes: drupes and berries. With their soft innards and produced from a single ovary, they fall into the fruit class of berry



Who doesn’t love this delicious fruit? Yes that’s right, the eggplant isn’t a vegetable either! Just think about its fleshy texture and seeded insides and you’ll understand why the common kitchen “vegetable” is actually a fruit! 



There is no denying that the tomato has been the core food of the fruit or vegetable debate for a long time. But the proof is in the pudding as they say when it comes to this food. Fitting the criteria of having a ton of seeds and a fleshy inside, tomatoes are in fact categorized as fruits!  



Whether you are a fan of summer squash or winter squash, this favored food’s soft insides and many seeds classifies it as a fruit. This even includes pumpkins, of course! 



There is nothing quite like cutting into a fresh pepper. That sharp, savory smell hits you and you’re ready to put this fruit into every dish you have. Though they lack a fleshy inside, their core is full of seeds, making them a definite member of the fruit class. 



Grown from a flowery plant, these aromatic, flavorful garnishes are considered a single-seeded fruit, much like the peach is with its tough pit. 


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