Dress up Your Baby as Your Favorite Foods! 11 Adorable Food Inspired Baby Costumes

Babies look adorable in almost everything, but these costumes take the cake

Your baby will surely be the cutest this Halloween with these costumes.

Babies are so adorable that you could just eat them up! Babies dressed up as food for Halloween? Well that is a cuteness overload. There are unlimited possibilities with food costumes, like creating a bun in the oven or a pea in the pod!

Dress up Your Baby as Your Favorite Foods! 11 Adorable Food Inspired Baby Costumes Slideshow

Whether you’re a food blogger, critic, chef, or just a lover of all things culinary, these baby costumes are the perfect way to show the world your love of food this Halloween. Looking for more options? We have plenty of scrumptious food costume ideas for kids.

Food costumes are also fun and make it easy to create something for the whole family. Your baby could be the peanut paired with an elephant and a circus ringleader. Maybe a baby dressed up as popcorn would go well with two movie star parents. Dressing up as a family can be so simple and enjoyable with food costumes that pair well with everything. You can even include your furry friend with these food inspired pet costumes.

DIY costumes are a great option when dressing up your baby. With some fabric and a lot of creativity, you can design a one-of-a-kind look that only your baby will be wearing. Start brainstorming your favorite beverage or your favorite food to create a unique, adorable costume. 

Even celebrities take Halloween inspiration from food. Jimmy Fallon’s daughter Winnie dressed as Ramen noodles last Halloween and certainly paved the way for food fashion among the infants. The 15-month-old was seen wearing her noodle outfit with an egg on top of her head on Fallon’s Instagram, where the post reached over 99,000 likes. Celebrities themselves get creative with their own costumes, like Katy Perry’s Cheeto costume last Halloween.

 There are only a few years when a parent can choose exactly what their child wears for Halloween, so it is time to start brainstorming and let the ideas flow. Is your child the perfect sushi roll? Would she look adorable dressed up as a taco? Start imagining and creating your baby’s look now. You can’t go wrong with food!

Candy Corn Classic


Candy Corn Costume

Isn't this kid cute enough to eat?

This classic Halloween candy comes alive with a fuzzy, cute costume for babies. It’s easy to make with a yellow and orange base complete with a white top. Dress the family up as all different types of Halloween candy to complete this costume. Want more candy corn inspiration? Check out other ways to use candy corn, like candy corn whoopie pies.

Doughnut with Sprinkles 

Doughnut Baby Costume

How adorable is this little munchkin?


Get creative by making your baby into a little, chocolate glazed Munchkin! This is a fun, DIY costume that isn’t too restricting. Making some cream-filled doughnuts could be a sweet treat to add to this costume. Family fun could be dressing up as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups to match!