Adult Halloween Party Themes

Who says Halloween is just for trick-or-treating?
A Spooky Halloween Party


Throw a frightening party for all of your friends.

The word Halloween always conjures up images of kids dressed as cute, little ghosts and goblins and running around with their pumpkin bags to trick-or-treat. Yet, Halloween is the perfect holiday to stir up some trouble at an adult Halloween party. Take these tips and throw a spooky party that your guests will never forget.

A Seven deadly sins party is a perfect opportunity for guests to get creative with their costumes. You could even dedicate seven areas of your house to each deadly sin with a different fall cocktail. You can easily create Halloween décor by filling your envy room with green streamers or by making sure your gluttony section has plenty of food. Halloween is the best holiday to get your family and friends in the sinful spirit.

Want your party to be a bit more up-scale? Try a haunted mansion themed get-together where waiters dress as ghostly butlers serve champagne and witch’s brew to your guests. Decorate your home with cobwebs across mirrors and serve up some creepy appetizers.


A voodoo masquerade party is the way to go if you want your appetizers to be the center of attention. Take some New Orleans inspiration and whip up some po’boysCajun Shrimp, and grits. Serve hurricane cocktails to your guests and they’ll think they’re in Louisiana. Having your guests hide their identities under masks will make this Halloween party memorable and entertaining.