Homemade Treats That Are Safe for Man's Best Friend

Homemade dog treats are easy, cost effective, and are sure to make tails wag

Dog people are just the best people, aren’t they? Granted, there is a crazy spectrum of dog people ranging from those equipped with strollers and doggy bjorns to the apathetic owners who avoid dog walks at all costs, but in general, dog-lovers are caring, fun, and happy people who just want to love their pets as much as their pets love them.

Dog-lovers also know that some dog food and treat ingredients may not be the best for their pups — you won’t believe what’s in some pet food.  Grains and fillers can irritate dogs’ stomachs, which can lead to some unfortunate “presents” left for their owners to take care of.

There are a few natural ingredients, though, that are great for dogs. Apples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, eggs, and meat are just some examples of real ingredients that are good for dogs and won’t compromise their digestive systems.

Making your own dog treats is easy, cost effective, and good for your best friend. You can control the ingredient list and tailor the size to be specific for your dog.


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