The Complete Guide to Decorating Easter Eggs — For You and Your Kids

Hand-decorating eggs is the best Easter crafts project for the whole family
Easter Egg Decorating


Decorating Easter eggs is the best sugar-free Easter activity.

Most Easter projects are all about chocolate and candy: from making Easter baskets, to baking chocolate Easter nests, to running around collecting chocolate eggs on an Easter egg hunt. Sitting down to decorate delicate egg shells is a fabulous sugar-free way to entertain the whole family in the build up to Easter.

The Complete Guide to Decorating Easter Eggs (Slideshow)

We love having hand-painted Easter eggs hanging around the house, piled high in baskets, and glittering from inside glass vases over the holiday weekend. The little ones will be so proud to show off their egg-decorating skills to their family and friends, and you can let your creative side run wild as you design your Easter decorations exactly to your own taste.

Decorating Easter eggs doesn’t have to be a stressful, messy activity. There probably will be a couple of broken egg shells along the way, and you may end up with some glitter on your face and some paint on your clothes, but it really won’t be as bad as you think. Make sure you cover your work surface, put on an apron, and have everything ready to go before you start to make this a relaxed arts and crafts activity.

To make your Easter eggs last until next year, and to enable you to hang them up all around your home, you’re going to want to blow out your eggs. The first couple of steps of this process are for you grown-ups to do, but from then on the whole Easter egg-decorating process is incredibly kid-friendly. Make sure that you keep the eggs when you have blown them out of the shells: Scrambled eggs are definitely on the menu for post-decorating lunch time!

Whether you’re an egg-decorating novice or a seasoned professional, this guide will help you through the whole process, from selecting your eggs, to hanging them up with ribbon.


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