Tips For The Best Easter Egg-Decorating Party Ever

Easter is coming sooner thank you think. In just 10 days, the Easter bunny will be on your doorstep, your home will be filled with Easter candy, and the little ones will be running around hunting for those hidden chocolate eggs. This weekend is the time to start the Easter arts and crafts projects to get you in the holiday spirit, and to provide you with something you can use to decorate your home.

Whether you're having a grown-up egg-decorating party with elegant decorations and fancy cocktails, or a kid-oriented crafting session, which will be a sticky, colorful, sugar-filled affair, these are our top tips for hosting the most successful, least stressful, Easter egg-decorating party ever.

Prepare the Eggs

The most stressful part of decorating beautiful, real egg shells is blowing out the contents of the egg. To get your party started without a hitch, passing by the stress and mess of egg-blowing, we recommend you do this ahead of time. It may be quite a lot of work depending on how many people you've invited, but after the first few you'll have got the hang of it, and it will save you and your guests from beginning the party in a messy, frustrated way.

Cover the Table

Easter egg-decorating isn't meant to be the neatest and tidiest project. To save yourself from spending the afternoon panicking about the glue, paint, and glitter, which is getting all over your table, make sure you cover it with a piece of craft paper. When the party's over you can simply roll it up and throw it away — the easiest clean-up operation ever.

Decoration Overload

Don't restrain your guests' creativity! Make sure you have plenty of decoration options, such as colored string, paints, glitter, wax crayons, tissue paper, and ribbons. Let them be inspired by the options you give them, and let everyone express his or her own individual taste and creativity. Just because you only want to use metallic Sharpie pens doesn't mean everyone else wants to do exactly the same.

Skip the Dyes       

We know that using dyes is the most traditional way of decorating our Easter eggs, but we always find them so complicated and difficult. Dyeing eggs involves too many components, we always burn ourselves on the bowlful of just-boiled water, we dye far more than just the egg shell, we ruin our clothes, and we don't even end up with the result we hoped for. There's plenty of other easier, but equally bright and colorful things we can use to decorate our eggshells with this Easter.

Lots of Tools

You don't want to have to wait around for someone to finish using the glue or paintbrush until they're done with it and you can take over. People get bored, frustrated, and the one with the tool will start to feel rushed and stressed. Buy plenty of equipment and your party will be much more relaxed as everyone can work at his or her own pace.

Springtime Drinks

Easter egg-decorating is a stressful business. Don't get so caught up in the art store that you forget to have drinks on hand! For an adult party, take the edge off the slight stress of egg-decorating with a favorite springtime cocktail or a chilled glass of rosé. For a kids' party, make up a batch of homemade lemonade or a fancy refreshing mocktail, served in a special glass to make them feel like they're all one of the grown-ups.

Easter Snacks

You can't host an Easter-related party — even if it is a week before Easter itself — without setting out plenty of Easter candy and snacks on the table for everyone to nibble on. Inspire the egg-decorators with your favorite foil-wrapped chocolate egg, add some extra color to the craft table with some festive Peeps, Easter-themed dark chocolate makes for a slightly healthier nibble, and some colorful jelly beans and M&M's will make your decorating table the brightest, prettiest party setting that anyone ever did see.