Easter Egg Ideas: How to Make Ribbon Wrapped Eggs

Tie the knot with these sweet Easter eggs designs
Ribbon-Wrapped Eggs
The American Egg Board

Try this simple DIY Easter egg design.

If you are looking to create a personal and fun Easter egg, gathering together a bunch of funky ribbon may just be the ticket! Just make sure that your ribbons are no wider than a half an inch. That way, you can wrap several different fun colored or patterned ribbon strands around your Easter eggs.

This Easter, take your eggs one step further with these decorating techniques from the Incredible Egg. All of the designs are easy and inexpensive to create and all of the supplies can be found at a local supermarket or craft store. Depending on how long you plan to keep the egg, you may wish to either hard boil or empty out the contents of the egg prior to decorating.

STEP 1: Purchase several spools of colorful ribbon at your local craft store (HINT: Ribbon should be no wider than half an inch)

STEP 2: Cut one to two feet of ribbon, depending on the size of egg you’re using

STEP 3: Use craft glue to attach one end of the ribbon to the egg (HINT: Gently press the ribbon to the egg for one minute to make sure the ribbon is secure)

STEP 4: Slowly turn the egg, positioning the ribbon so it covers the whole egg

STEP 5: Use craft glue to tightly secure the remaining end of the ribbon, holding the ribbon on the egg for approximately one minute

This tutorial is courtesy of The American Egg Board.

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