WATCH: How to Make a Giant, Delicious-Looking Chocolate Easter Egg

This food porn video from Betty’s Chocolate shows just what it takes to make a chocolate egg roughly the size of a toddler

We’ll just sit here and watch the melted chocolate pour into the mold over and over again…

Cadbury eggs may be Easter’s favorite chocolate treat, but they’re child’s play compared to Betty’s Chocolate Imperial Easter Eggs: beautifully decorated chocolate eggs that weigh 11 pounds and stand almost two feet high. Before you run out to get your own as an Easter morning surprise for your young one (or just for yourself), you should know that Betty’s Chocolate sadly only delivers these bad boys within the U.K.But luckily, you can watch the making of video for these indulgent treats no matter where you reside.

You may want to sit alone for this one… things get pretty melty and sensual (in a cocoa kind of way). The video starts off with images of melted Swiss grand cru chocolate. The chocolate is hardened inside a giant half-egg-shaped mold, and then each of the flowers is piped and attached by hand. The two halves of the egg are sealed with, what else? Chocolate “cement.”


The end result really does look almost too beautiful to eat, but we wouldn’t let that stop us.