11 Amazing Easter Eggs From Pinterest That You Can Make at Home

Get inspired to have a truly beautiful Easter with these simple and creative Easter egg tutorials

Everyone in the family will enjoy these fun Easter egg projects.

She is a tempting mistress, that Pinterest. Her flawless photos and promise of simplistic bliss are enough to make you empty your wallet and follow her wherever she leads you.We look to her as our muse, the reason we've come to consider domesticity as a viable option. She makes the impossible seem possible. Sure, we've been burned by her before, but wasn't the walk through fire worth it just to bask in the glory of her flame? We promise you that this isn't like that. It will be different this time, because we've found the best pin-worthy DIY Easter eggs for you to try and succeed at in your own home.

11 Amazing Easter Eggs from Pinterest (Slideshow)

We know that Easter egg-dyeing is a time honored tradition for those who celebrate this holiday. But the days of plopping a food dye tablet into a cup of vinegar and calling it a day are over. Not only can you make your own DIY dye, you can use interesting and unlikely tools to create fascinating works of art on your perfectly hard-boiled eggs.

The eraser on a pencil will help you create fun and funky polka dots. A little bit of decorative tape gives you a uniquely striped egg. Check out some of the other incredible and pin-worthy Easter egg ideas that you can absolutely make for your Easter basket!

Bubble Wrap Eggs

The Easter Bunny may not use UPS, but that doesn’t mean mail material is irrelevant to this holiday. In fact, if you get a package in the weeks before Easter, be sure to save the bubble wrap! It will come in handy when you want to design these fun Easter eggs.

Craft Tape Eggs


If you happen to be decorating eggs with little ones and want to skip the hassle of cleaning up the dye mess, try this easy craft. You can create fun and creative designs that the kids will be proud of, and you won’t have to spend the entire time wiping up after their messes.