Hard-core Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Egg decorating just got cooler

Yep, he's hard-core too.

Cutesy polka dots and pastel colors are over and out. Want to edge up your Easter egg designs? Next Movie has us all schooled in egg decorating, and got us excited for hipper ways to get in the Easter spirit.

Recreate Hardcore Movies: The movie blog Next Movie has recast some wicked movie posters with Easter eggs — the kinds of movies that would make the Easter Bunny hop away in fear. Let's be real, that Joker is terrifying... and we woudln't want to have a run-in with Uma Thurman's Kill Bill character-inspired egg.

Turn eggs into science: What's cooler than a dinosaur-looking egg? A crystal egg geode is an awesome science project.

"Dye-ving" eggs: A cutesy name for some hard-core, scuba-diving eggs. Hold onto your water bottle caps and straws to make tiny snorkels for your eggs; they'll be ready to go in a splash.


Skip the dye and reach for the crayons, instead. This is an easy decorating method that doesn't look as hokey as brightly colored dyes. It's what the artsy hipsters would do, right?