10 Pimped Out Easter Eggs

Holidays, for so many, are about tradition. Be it giving gifts, having elaborate meals, or noting what we're thankful for, having a routine or tradition can make a holiday special and unique from family to family. For some, dyeing Easter eggs is the most sacred of Easter traditions. Whether you choose to grab an old-fashioned Paas kit with dissolvable tabs or dye your eggs naturally, they'll always be beautiful while also bringing families together.

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Of course, even traditions have room for some modernization. Sure, everyone loves seeing a plate filled with blues and purples but that can get boring after a few years. What if, for one year, the mold was broken and all rules were tossed into the wind? Instead of standard, go for creative. Think outside of the box and try something new and crazy with your hard-boiled Easter eggs. Consider, perhaps, using different types of eggs. Most people use classic chicken eggs. But they aren't the only type out there. If you are very daring – and able to do your research and find where to buy – try an emu egg. They're like regular eggs that have been made gigantic. Dye them, dip them, or even carve them. The sheer size alone will shock and surprise.

You can also think pop-culture. Making fun and timely references to your favorite TV show or music artist is always a big hit. Try a Breaking Bad chemistry egg or a Bruno Mars egg. So brush off your art skills, grab yourSharpies and get drawing.

No matter what you choose, there is one rule. Use your creativity freely. There is no limit to what you can do with an Easter egg. To get you in the spirit of Easter egg decorating, we pulled together 10 extremely creative ways to "pimp" them like you never have before!

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Alan Rabon Carved Emu Eggs

Ok, the emu egg may not be your typical Easter egg. But let's be honest, they give you a much bigger canvas to work with. We love the idea of carving them. Intricate details are gorgeous on such a large egg.

Geode Easter Eggs

The mix of science and beauty is always a fun one. These geode eggs are a great science experiment for the kids while also being easy on the eggs. 

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