14 Father’s Day Brunch Ideas Dads Are Guaranteed to Love

Why should Mom get all the pampering? Show Dad how much you love him by making him breakfast in bed this Father’s Day


Spicy shakshuka is the perfect brunch dish for every chile-loving Dad.

Father’s Day is coming, and this year, it’s time Dad got the indulgent morning treatment normally reserved for Mom on Mother’s Day. An indulgent, tasty, lovingly prepared breakfast or brunch will make every dad incredibly happy on Sunday morning. Before you try to insist that brunch really isn’t Dad’s thing, have a look through these recipes, and we’re sure you’ll be inspired to get your dad’s day off to the perfect start with one of these Father’s Day-worthy, totally irresistible, brunch recipes.

14 Father’s Day Brunch Ideas Dads Are Guaranteed to Love (Slideshow)

Whether your dad has a sweet or savory tooth, we’ve covered all bases, with recipes ranging from classics such as eggs benedict and stacks of pancakes, to original, inventive brunch dishes such as mashed potato waffles and a spicy shakshuka. Either deliver him one of these dishes in bed, accompanied by a strong cup of coffee and some freshly squeezed orange juice, or wait to serve him brunch until later in the day, and accompany those waffles with a couple of boozy cocktails to make sure his day is spent in the happiest, most relaxed way.

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Just because he’s Dad shouldn’t mean that he misses out on early morning pampering: His day should begin indulgently, and end with equally wonderful food in the form of a classic Father’s Day backyard cookout and plenty of whisky. While he may not appreciate that bouquet of flowers as much as Mom did, there’s no reason why he won’t be thrilled to eat his way through a stack of chocolate chip pancakes accompanied by an iced coffee as soon as he opens his eyes on his one special day of the year. Make sure Dad knows how much you appreciate him by expressing your love via the best possible medium: breakfast food.