3 Overnight Breakfast Casseroles for Christmas Morning

Heat these up while everyone is unwrapping gifts
Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas


This casserole tastes even better overnight.

Christmas morning is so chaotic with everyone wrapping and giving presents that you hardly have time to think of anything else — especially preparing breakfast. Make these delicious breakfast casseroles the night before, so you have something easy to serve on Christmas Day. You’ll thank us when everyone is starving and you’ve got an incredible and beautiful dish ready to go!

Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas

This recipe calls for flour tortillas filled with turkey sausage and tons of fresh vegetables. The tortillas are then then topped off with an egg mixture for an incredible breakfast. Leave this casserole covered overnight, and simply pop it into the oven the next morning. You can garnish this dish with fresh avocados and tart sour cream for a filling, tasty enchilada casserole.  

Overnight Eggnog French Toast

This delicious eggnog French toast gives us flavors of the classic Christmas drink, while also providing us with a satisfying breakfast. The bread is soaked overnight in a bourbon brown sugar sauce, eggnog, and cinnamon for a delicious treat.

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Slow-Cooker Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Could we ask for more in a breakfast than eggs, Cheddar cheese, vegetables, sausage, and potatoes? This overnight casserole combines all of our breakfast favorites and cooks in the slow-cooker for seven to eight hours. After this delicious breakfast cooks overnight, it’s ready to be served hot and feed your entire family!


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