Father's Day 2016: Beer, Wine, and Spirits Gifts

Does Dad enjoy a good drink with even better company (you)? Then get him a posh present he'll love!

We took care of Mom on her special day, making sure she felt (and continues to feel) like the queen that she is, and now it's Dad's turn. While dads, just like moms, enjoy brunching, massages and relaxation, and being pampered, the following is a round-up of some classic spirits, beer, wine, and bar-centered gifts that even the classiest of the classy would love to have (Mom included)!

The Glenlivet
Trying to impress Dad with a quality gift that's both impressive and worth the price? Get him an engraved bottle of The Glenlivet, a Scotch-lover’s dream. With the choices of either the intense 21-year-old single malt, which is described as having “aromas of dried fruit and sherry. Warm, sweet spice continues in the palate with cinnamon and ginger and a syrupy mouth feel...” or the 18-year-old single malt, described as an elegant whisky with “rich fruit aromas and toffee notes, enhanced by a wonderfully balanced flavor, with bursts of sweet oranges...” Each malt bottle can be engraved for a personalized touch.

Stillhouse Whiskey
Stillhouse whiskey, a brand new spirit, has packaged its liquor in a first-of-its-kind, red stainless steel can, perfect for transporting your drink wherever a glass can't go. Stillhouse comes in both original and five unique flavors, including apple crisp, peach tea, coconut, mint chip and red hot.

Now for those of you who want to have a fun, libations-filled good time with your old man, Makerskit project kits are just for you. Top picks for Father's Day include the Old School Bitters Kit and the Classic Cocktails Bar Set. The bitters kit is great for those who want to up their mixologist skills, as this kit comes with root, flower, and peels perfect for infusing your own bitters. The cocktails kit is for dads who love to get creative and shake up their own cocktails. Complete with a Mason jar shaker, a double jigger, a strainer, muddler, and ice tongs, you'll be equipped with everything you need to make speakeasy-quality cocktails.

Wine Disciples
If your dad appreciates fine wines, whether an amateur or a seasoned sommelier, he will be thrilled to learn more about the world of wine at Wine Disciples. With immersive, educational, and obviously delicious classes that range from “Find Your Palate,” described as “an exploration by learning the language of wine flavor profiles and how they relate to your personal taste,” to “Islands & Volcanoes,” which will focus on wines dating back to 1500 B.C. where, “Over thousands of years volcanic activity formed, scarred and scorched these ancient lands creating a unique soil composition unlike any other appellation.” Participants will taste and discover wines produced in both modern and traditional styles to “see what a bit of ash and lava does in a glass.”

Classes are intimate and leave participants with a wealth of wine knowledge that otherwise would be difficult to attain. Instructors including Dylan York, a certified sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers with over 20 years of experience in both the food and wine industry, help guide you through the history of wine and make drinking wine an enjoyable, personable, and rewarding experience. Not to mention a fun one! In addition, check out their wine selection of more than 800 wines and an adjacent enoteca (wine bar in Italian) for delicious fare including small plates, such as fish crudo and crostini, as well as heartier fare.

Foragers Market
The Stir, Sip and Snack box is a cool addition to any mixologist’s bar cart. Dad will enjoy the wide selection this set offers, including Foragers Single-Barrel Bourbon, Regans orange bitters, and snacks like Martin’s handmade pretzels and Shnuts mixed nuts.

The Pogues Irish Whiskey
Is dad of Irish heritage? Or simply loves discovering new whiskeys and liquors? Then grab a a bottle of The Pogues Irish Whiskey, named for the legendary Celtic band, The Pogues. This Irish whiskey has just launched in the U.S. and hails from one of Ireland’s last-standing independent distilleries. With fragrances of malts and cracked nuts, and a sweet, smooth flavor of butterscotch notes, this intense beverage is one dad's going to savor.

Want to confuse and intrigue dad in the best way possible? Get him the Levitating Cup — a cutting edge gift that dad will be happily surprised by. The gravity defying cup floats and rotates elegantly above its base, holding 10.5 fluid ounces of a favorite wine or cocktail.

Tequila Avión
Does your dad like to start the fiesta with premium tequila? Tequila Avión's Reserva 44 is created using an ultra-slow filtration method and is aged for 43 months in a stone temperature controlled cave. The tequila is then aged an additional month creating a deeper more complex flavor. You can now customize any Avión varietal, including Reserva 44, with a meaningful message, just for Dad.  

Time and Oak
Want to get innovative with Dad? Buy him the Signature Whiskey Elements which smoothes your whiskey while adding key barrel-aged flavor within 24 hours. Add one Element to a fifth or two Elements to a half-gallon, wait 24 hours, and enjoy your customized whiskey.

If Dad's in need of some top-notch bar accessories, check out Riedel’s Veritas Series: The Spirits Glass and Beer Glass. With glass shapes that are optimal gifts for stylish dads who have a taste for sophisticated brews and spirits, Dad can choose from either the spirits-specific or beer-specific styles. Made with a super light and thin machine-blown crystal, the spirits glass provides a high-quality tasting experience for cognacs, rums, and most other spirits. The beer glass is another option also made with an ultra-thin crystal, allowing brews to stay colder longer (because there’s less glass to conduct heat). Help Dad step up his beer game with this fancy pint glass.

How about updating Dad's functional classics? Snowe’s Pilsner Glasses and Spirit decanter are both solid picks for Dads who are trying to enhance their bar carts. The pilsner glasses have an elongated shape perfect for bringing the fancy to any drink. The decanter is an option suited for the type of dad who likes to wind down with his favorite liquor. With a mid-century modern design, the decanter is perfect for holding spirits and provides a smooth pour.

Small Town Brewery
Is your dad a beer man? Small Town Brewery focuses on crafting gruit-inspired beers. Gruit, German for herbs, describes the ancient practice of bittering ales with roots, spices, flowers, and berries. This line of Not Your Father's beverages infuse an innovative blend into the brewing process to craft beers with the flavors of nostalgia featuring classic American flavors like root beer, ginger ale or new vanilla cream ale.

Josh Cellars
If Dad's more of a wine connoisseur, then get him a personalized wine label from Josh Cellars ─ for free. With 140-characters to work with, you're sure to be able to come up with a heartfelt note for him. Also included is his name at the top and the gift giver’s name across the bottom. The labels can be created online and then attached to any bottle for a unique Father’s Day gift.

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