Halloween Party Foods


10 Delightfully Creepy, Gruesome Halloween Party Foods

Scare your party guests by serving these terrifying foods at your Halloween party
Halloween Party Foods


Spook the kids by turning cookies into scared-looking mummies!

Besides the crazy costumes, horror movies, clever methods for spooking trick-or-treaters, and terrifying decorations, don’t miss out on the chance to also use the party food to scare all your friends and family this Halloween. We firmly believe that everything on Halloween should fit in with the gruesome, freaky theme, and that should obviously include all the sweet and savory foods you serve to accompany the excessive quantities of candy you’re inevitably going to consume on this spooky day.

10 Delightfully Creepy, Gruesome Halloween Party Foods (Slideshow)

If you’re entertaining young kids on Halloween, we have some great ideas for spooky treats that will definitely scare them… without totally terrifying them and putting them off eating ever again. Gummy worms buried into a “dirt cake,” hot dogs wrapped in pastry so they look like mummies, and tasty chocolate crescent witch hats are all suitably Halloween-themed, kid-friendly, and tasty, too.

If, however, you’re spending Halloween with some older kids and grown-ups, then don’t miss out on an opportunity to make the most gruesome Halloween party foods that will definitely freak everybody out. A red velvet cake carefully crafted to look like a brain and almond cookies that look eerily like severed fingers will horrify your guests and challenge their courage by seeing how willing they are to actually take a bite of one of these creepy foods.

Read on to find some delightfully creepy and gruesome inspiration for what to serve at your spooky Halloween party this year.


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