10 Fun Halloween Recipes Your Kids Can Help Make

These quick and easy Halloween treats are even more fun when you little ghouls and goblins pitch in

10 Fun Halloween Recipes Your Kids Can Help Make

Halloween is about two things: sweets and the kids who love them. This year, bring the Halloween festivities into your kitchen by creating some spooky treats with your family. Whether you’ve got a chocoholic or cupcake fiend in your haunted house, these recipes are sure to please, and easy enough to make with even the littlest of kitchen helpers.

Chocolate Crescent Witch’s Hats

Three ingredients are all you need to make this sweet Witch’s Hat treats with your kiddos, and they’re easily made in less than half an hour. Just fill, roll and enjoy. These make a great sweet addition to a Halloween themed breakfast or a supplement to your Halloween dessert tray.

Click here for Chocolate Crescent Witchs Hats recipe.

Chocolate Halloween Mice


These chocolate truffles are sure to make an impact at your Halloween party, and decorating them with your kids is part of the fun! This recipe is great for those little bakers with a bit more experience in the kitchen.

Click here for Chocolate Halloween Mice recipe.

Crescent Mummy Dogs for Halloween

Who says that every Halloween treat has to be sweet? These savory crescent-wrapped mummy dogs prove that the main course can get a little spooky too! This is the perfect recipe for kids of all ages. Allow the younger children to help with wrapping up the mummy dogs, while your older, more experienced kitchen helpers cut the crescent dough into the mummy strips.

Click here for Crescent Mummy Dogs for Halloween recipe.

Easy Halloween Sloppy Joes


These Halloween Sloppy Joes get a BOOst of Halloween with cheese cutouts to make the sandwiches look like jack-o'-lanterns. This recipe is the perfect filling dinner before you head out for a night of trick or treating.

Click here for Halloween Sloppy Joes recipe.

Easy Halloween Worm Cupcakes

Photo Modified: Flickr / Janet Hudson / CC BY 4.0

Get your hands a little dirty with this zombie-approved Halloween Worm Cupcake recipe. The crumbled cookies take on the look of dirt, and the gummy worms complete the earthy  look. The box cake makes this recipe easy enough to do with little ones and the decorating is fun for the whole family.

Click here for Easy Halloween Worm Cupcakes recipe.

Halloween Fudge Brownies


These fudge brownies are as simple as mix, pour, bake, and enjoy! Have your little kitchen helpers do the mixing, while you take care of the baking — then, everyone can enjoy these candy stuffed bites.

Click here for Halloween Fudge Brownies recipe.

Monster Cookie Pops

Let your little monsters make their own special monster cookies with this Monster Cookie Pop recipe from Pillsbury. With easy place and bake cookies, you can skip the time sifting and mixing, and get right to the decorating fun.

Click here for Monster Cookie Pops recipe.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bites


These protein packed peanut butter bites are fun treats to include in your children’s lunchbox or to serve as a snack before the trick or treating begins. Make sure to chill the pumpkins after you form the them, so they hold their shape and aren’t too sticky to handle.

Click here for Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bites recipe.

Spiderweb Cinnamon Rolls

Start the Halloween celebrations at breakfast with these Spiderweb Cinnamon Rolls. Using refrigerated cinnamon roll dough from your grocery store makes this recipe super simple and easy to execute. Just add gummy spiders, and you’ve got one creepy breakfast.

Click here for Spiderweb Cinnamon Rolls recipe.

Trick or Treat Rice Krispie Treats


Rice Krispie Treats are a classic confection that's a surefire crowdpleaser. Make this generations-old recipe a little more Halloween friendly by adding in some of the extra candy from your family’s trick or treating. Candy corn, nibs of chocolate, and M&Ms are all fun additions.

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