This Giant Fried Shrimp Costume is a Must for Halloween

The tempura shrimp sleeping bag is good for relaxing around the house, too

Forget Halloween, this giant fried shrimp costume is the most comfortable thing to wear for drinking wine and eating chips.

After a long night of Halloween hijinks, one often just wants to flop down and sleep wherever one is standing, without bothering to remove one’s clever, food-themed costume. In that situation, there could be no more useful costume than this giant fried shrimp outfit, which doubles as a comfortable sleeping bag.

According to Rocket News 24, the Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag is a combination Halloween costume and sleeping bag from Felissimo. The exterior is a crispy texture for verisimilitude, and the inside is lined in a soft, smooth blanket material for optimal cuddliness. The zipper can either be fully closed around the feet, or open so the wearer can walk around. The costume comes with a pair of warm red socks that look like the tail of a shrimp, so this might be the most comfortable Halloween costume ever.


The shrimp tempura sleeping bag goes on sale in October for $83. That might be a tight turnaround for Halloween, but dressing like a giant shrimp is not just for holidays, either, apparently. The shrimp bag is being marketed as everyday loungewear, too. That might sound a bit out there, but the advertising photos show a young woman happily lounging on her sofa, drinking wine and eating chips while dressed as a giant fried shrimp. There are worse ways to spend an evening.