brain fog

Surprising Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

It’s more than a sugar high
brain fog

Sugar can get into your diet from sweets and other processed foods.

These days, sugar is tough to avoid. We don’t recommend cutting it from your life entirely — it’s hard to do, it can easily become obsessive, and it’s really not necessary. Plus, there are a lot of cases in which eating sugar is really good for you. Fruit, for example, is loaded with sugar. But it’s also filled with antioxidants, fiber, and other important nutrients. Why cut out the good stuff?

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However, eating an overload of sugars and sweets can do a number on your health. You might find that your energy levels are fluctuating all over the place, or you feel like your skin just can’t stay calm. These signs, along with the other common symptoms on this list, are early indications that you might be overdoing it.


It can be easy to let the added sugars in your diet get out of hand. Sugar is everywhere; foods and drinks marketed as healthy are often infused with extra sugary additives to ramp up the flavor of other nutrient-dense foods. When you do eat sugar, you want to know that you’re eating it. It’s great to choose to eat a cookie and enjoy it, but when you’re chowing down on a bowl of spaghetti, you could be eating added sugars without even realizing it. Being aware of food labels is your first line of defense against an unconscious excess. But if you aren’t sure, here are 15 surprising signs you’re eating too much sugar.