18 Food-Based Remedies for Dry Skin

Nourish your way to a brighter complexion

These foods can be used topically and as part of your diet.

When your skin doesn’t look its best, it can make you wish you could spend the day indoors. No one likes being visible with cracks, wrinkles, and blemishes marring their face. And during the cold weather, these ailments are more chronic than ever.

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Don’t let the chill air suck the moisture out of your skin — fight back with revitalizing foods and remedies. While there are many expensive, fancy products out there that claim to rejuvenate your drying skin for a hefty price, a simple trip to the produce aisle sounds less costly. And in some cases, it can be just as effective.


Your diet affects the look and feel of your skin because it helps supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to continue to glow. And by applying some of these foods on your skin topically, you can help moisturize with the nutrients and water in each one. Without costing you more than your usual grocery bill, these foods allow you to wage war on winter dryness.