These 10 Beverages Are More Hydrating Than Water

Get hydrated by drinking these healthy beverages


We live in a great time for fruit-infused water; you can readily make your own or you can just buy a pre-bottled version.

It’s hard to beat the whole zero-calorie, guilt-free, drink-as-much-as-you-want persona that water has going on — but there are alternatives to a glass of plain old tap water that can actually hydrate you more efficiently.

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While water is still the best all-natural solution to your everyday thirst, drinks that contain electrolytes paired with low levels of sodium are the better choice in situations where you’re already dehydrated. The sodium helps your body to retain and absorb the water, rather than overloading your kidneys and just having to pee every five minutes.

Sports drinks and other “hydrating” solutions get a bad rap, and for good reason. Sports drinks are loaded with sugar you never asked for in your “healthy” drinks. After spending the day outside, you just want to sip on something satisfying without the blood sugar spike.

You’ve probably heard of the old trick to add a lemon — can you say “boring”? While adding a (clean) lemon to your water is a great health tip, the following beverages benefit from having a bit more flavor than that provided by a squeeze or two of citrus. From probiotics to vitamins and minerals typically excluded from the standard American diet, the healthy components in the following drinks make them, to some extent, “healthier” than water.

Here are 10 healthy and hydrating drinks to get you through this summer’s heat.

Christian Kogler contributed to this article.

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