Your 20 Worst Lunchtime Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Find out how you’re sabotaging your health goals with your midday meal

Sure, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But you know what’s the second most important? You guessed it: lunch.

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A poor lunch choice can derail the rest of your day. Eat too little at lunch and you’ll incessantly snack till dinner. Eat too much at lunch and you’ll feel tired and sluggish. And while we can’t speak for your boss, we’re pretty sure “I didn’t eat a good lunch” isn’t a great excuse to not get any work done.

Some of the “mistakes” you’re used to hearing about healthy lunching probably involve eating bread with your salad, grabbing the bag of chips on the side, or eating piles of fast food. We’re not here to tell you those things — because you probably hear those tips a little too often, and some of them are entirely off base.

For example, while some people find they never crave carbs, other people need them to function at their best. Eating bread with your salad might be a really good idea. Grabbing a bag of chips isn’t so terrible either — worse sins have been committed, we promise. But going hungry because your half a sandwich wasn’t enough? That puts your body through blood sugar chaos.

After lunch, we want you to feel healthy, satisfied, and energized — ready to tackle the rest of your day knowing that you fueled your body well. You don’t have time for a midday slump or pangs of hunger at 3 p.m. Avoid these 20 mistakes at lunchtime and you likely won’t have to deal with any complications.

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