Your 20 Worst Lunchtime Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Sure, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But lunch just might be the second most important. It's the fuel that carries you through your afternoon, helping you perform your best at work and remain focused and alert.

Your 20 Worst Lunchtime Mistakes and How to Fix Them

This meal is often overlooked, overshadowed by the business of an average weekday and the convenience of just skipping it altogether. Working through lunch or subsisting on a sweet treat or fast food might sound like a good idea in the moment. But a poor lunch choice can have more of an effect than you'd think.

Eat too little at lunch and you might find yourself incessantly snacking till dinner. On the other hand, if you opt for a massive burrito or otherwise eat too much at lunch, you might find yourself feeling tired, sluggish, and in need of a nap. While we can't speak for your boss, we're pretty sure "I didn't eat a good lunch today" isn't a great excuse for a failed day of productivity.

So what constitutes a "good lunch," anyway? Well, you probably want to opt for a meal that's both nutritious and filling. You don't want to spend your whole paycheck at fast-casual salad chains, but you also might not have many ideas for what to pack from home. These simple ideas can get you started; but even once people do start packing their own lunches, they sometimes make these common mistakes.