Is It Ever OK To Eat Sugar? Nutritionists Weigh In

The nationwide understanding about sugar is pretty much unanimous: Sugar is bad. We also tend to believe that evil, deceptive food companies are sneaking sugar into meals, snacks, beverages, and everything in between. Ketchup has sugar. Tomato sauce is thick with it. Pizza is basically dessert food now — in our eyes, at least. Americans are becoming more sugar-savvy, but we still struggle to comprehend whether or not we should be cutting the substance out.

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Sugar is blamed for virtually every health problem you can think of — heart disease, cancer, diabetes, indigestion... The list keeps growing and our fears of sugar grow, too. Yet our sugar cravings don't stop. In attempts to control the raving cravings we have for sweets, many have embarked on trying to "detox" themselves from sugar. Cleanses and resets have become increasingly popular, encouraging people to cut out sugar from their diets entirely to discover where the compound was hiding in their everyday food choices.

But according to the nutritionists we queried, that might not be the best call. We asked the professionals whether it is ever OK to eat sugar, and this is what they had to say.