The Absolute Worst Health Habits You Develop In College (And How To Break Them)

Okay, no one really prioritizes health while they're in college. College is a time for noodle bowls and mozzarella sticks, not planks and quinoa. If you're a college student, you probably feel invincible — and they're enabled by your equally unhealthy peers.

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But you're not actually invincible, despite how young and vivacious you might feel. The health drawbacks of some of your regular activities are festering under the surface now, but could easily turn up later in life with undesirable visible consequences.

Some of the effects are happening in the now, too — maybe without your realizing it. Have you ever felt anxious? Are you always tired? All of these symptoms could be mitigated with a little habit-checking.

Of course, don't let trying to be healthy detract from the experiences of these pivotal years. Skipping a dorm room bonding event for fear of the pizza calories is a decision you're bound to regret. However, there are some health habits you should steer clear of, because the consequences can be very real.