7 Teas That Settle Your Stomach

What to drink when your stomach is unhappy

Some teas have a calming effect that can help relieve stomach pain.

Whether it’s just mildly irritating or painfully distressing, when there’s a battle going on in your stomach, all you can do is look for a quick solution to settle it. Sipping a cup of tea may be the remedy that your stomach needs.

7 Teas That Settle Your Stomach (Slideshow)

Your stomach may be bothering you for a number of reasons, including nerves, an illness, or something you ate that didn’t sit well. Some teas can have a calming effect that can help relieve stomach pain. And the cause of your tummy ache is important for choosing the right kind of tea. You should consult your doctor before trying these tea remedies so that you know the cause of your stomach discomfort.

Ginger, which has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, can help relieve upset stomach, indigestion, motion sickness, and nausea. Peppermint tea helps settle the stomach by calming the muscles of the stomach and improving the flow of bile and can relieve other stomach issues such as menstrual cramps and abdominal gas. And licorice tea can help protect your stomach from ulcers that can cause abdominal pain, bloating, and indigestion. Click through our slideshow to see which teas can help settle your stomach.

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