These 3 Recipes Turn Ramen Into a Healthy Dinner in 5 Minutes or Less

Throw away that gross spice packet and make these way tastier versions instead

All the veggies, none of the gross spice packet.

Ramen noodles, every college student’s lazy, odorous, instant “dinner” recipe, are pretty terrible for you. If you’re living off of ramen for sake of your budget, cool factor, or lack of culinary finesse, you’ve likely felt the physical effects of this poor choice.

The sodium content is through the roof, the noodles lay on tons of carbs without any protein, and there isn’t a vegetable to speak of floating in the savory broth.

However, that doesn’t mean ramen can’t settle in to a cozy spot on your healthiest dinner menu yet. With a few spices, some sauce, and a whole lot of vegetables, you can turn your cheap packet of ramen into a gourmet, nutritious meal.

Try one of these three healthy ramen recipes:

Tofu Avocado Bowl

Chicken Ramen Noodle Salad

Kimchi Ramen


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