11 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Skin Wrinkle-Free

You’ll look like you drank from the Fountain of Youth
11 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Skin Wrinkle-Free

Revitalize your skin with these foods!

Wrinkles may be a natural part of aging, but who says you can’t prolong the arrival of those pesky lines on your skin?

The basics: don’t smoke, limit your exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen when you're going outdoors, and be mindful if wrinkles run in your family. Sometimes genetics are the main culprit for your fine lines and spots.

11 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Skin Wrinkle-Free

While minimizing facial movement may work (that’s what Kim Kardashian does, right?) and wearing hats and sunscreen wards off wrinkles, making simple and tasty changes to your diet can help, too.

“Establishing good eating habits is pivotal to maintaining healthy skin, but it can also reduce signs of aging,” says Dr. Jill Waibel, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and an expert on wrinkles and food. “We can't fight the aging process forever, but we can fight physical signs of it by starting from the inside out.”

Now is your chance to take better care of your skin with just a few changes to your diet.

“Prevention is key for healthy, glowing, wrinkle-free skin,” says Juliette Aiyana, acupuncturist and herbalist at Garden Acupuncture. “Once the damage is done, it may be impossible to restore and correct the skin using nutrition alone. We suggest a well-rounded routine to ensure the long-term health of your body’s largest organ.”

Here’s the deal: Eating well may help you keep your good looks. What’s not to love about that?

Start with colorful fruits and dark vegetables, then add in tasty toppings like nuts and seeds. Don’t forget so-called superfoods like avocado, as well as omega-rich fish.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids like water and good-for-you teas, too. Being hydrated helps your skin stay fresh and firm.

For maximum skin benefits, add these 11 wrinkle-preventing foods to your diet.


Eating a handful of these tasty nuts can protect your skin from aging. The reason? Almonds have a flavonol called quercetin, which protects collagen. They also contain vitamin E, which reduces UV damage.



You can eat this superfood or make a facial mask out of it! Either way, your skin will benefit. Avocados contain natural moisturizers like antioxidant vitamin E.