10 Times You Forgot to Wear Sunblock

Most dermatologists recommend wearing the stuff 24/7, but too many of us are forgetting on these important occasions

Sunburns not only leave your skin an unappealing shade, they also exponentially increase your likelihood of melanoma. Despite the dangers of sunburns over time, many still neglect to apply (and reapply) sunblock when going to the beach, the pool, and the park. But those slip-ups aren’t from lack of awareness: Everyone knows they should be wearing sunscreen on those occasions. They’re just neglecting to do it anyway.

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But did you know there are times when you really should really be wearing sunscreen but weren’t even aware? These tips aren’t for other obvious occasions, such as when you’re going on a hike or when you’re underwater — although by now, you should know to slather up then, too. We want to reveal to you all of the times when the sun’s rays are bombarding your skin and you’re not even paying attention.


Many dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen all day, 24/7. However, for most, that isn’t realistic. If you’re being choosy about when to apply, consider adding a layer or two on these 10 unexpected occasions. For more ways to be prepared for the summer's heat, click here