15 Workouts You'll Actually Want To Do On Vacation

Vacation is a time for relaxing, indulging, and letting go of the stressors of your daily life. Often people mistake their vacation vibes as an imperative to let go of their health along with everything else — but it doesn't have to be that way. Unlike your chores, work schedule, and to-do list, your body goes with you everywhere. When you let your fitness regimen take a vacation, the effects are apparent pretty immediately, and they make themselves noticed during your time off and when you come back.

Working out isn't always such a blast; when you're trying to treat yourself, the last thing you want to do is trudge your way to a depressing hotel gym.

Find the 15 workouts you'll actually want to do on vacation here.

But what you're not considering is that you can still work out on vacation without going through all that torture. There are ways to move your body while you're away that not only aren't terrible, but that are actually — if you can believe it — fun.

Most of them are free, many of them encourage you to spend quality time with those you travel with, and some of them even help you discover new things on vacation that you would have otherwise missed — but they're all things that can keep you fit, happy, and healthy all vacation long.