Apparently, Pizza Is the Thing to Order After a One-Night Stand

Redefining 'hot slice'

About last night… You went out to the bar, had a few craft beers or stiff rum cocktails. In the midst of mingling with your friends and grooving to the music, you meet a sweet new guy or gal and then you go back to your place and have a little fun.

But, uh, what do you do the morning after? Apparently, the answer is: order a pizza.

According to a recent survey done by Yelp, 75 percent of respondents said that pizza would be their first-choice food after a one-night stand, Today reports. And that answer really isn’t that surprising. Pizza is a reliable food to order in with someone who you’ve just met; it’s one of America’s most popular foods, after all. The same survey said that 59 percent of millennials think someone is more attractive when they eat pizza.

And when you talk about eating with someone you’ve just met, getting takeout is less of a commitment than getting morning-after brunch. You can relax, nurse your inevitable hangover, and not have to worry about having an awkward walk of shame as you make your way to a neighborhood hotspot.

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