25 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Taste Like Dessert

Shhh, we won’t tell your taste buds… But these are actually good for you

They're basically milkshakes.

There’s nothing worse than a green smoothie that tastes like grass. Sure, every sip is healthy. But at what cost?!

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You won’t find any of that here. On this list, you’ll stumble upon cinnamon-y, sweet, creamy confections that will have you wondering if it’s possible to be too excited to eat breakfast. And when you have a pie-flavored or cheesecake-like blend ahead of you, who wouldn’t be eager for their morning meal?

Seriously. Your coworkers, classmates, or passersby won’t know it, but inside your opaque smoothie to-go cup, you’ll be harboring sip after sip of pure heaven.


We don’t want you to ever suffer through a bad smoothie again. But smoothie expertise takes time, money, and a lot of disappointing mornings of rejects. We’ve done all of the smoothie tasting work for you and compiled an epic list of to-die-for dessert smoothies — that also happen to be super healthy.