Edible Wedding Arrangements for the Food-Obsessed Bride

Transform the flowers decorating your wedding into delicious, edible arrangements
Cupcake Bouquet


Swap the inedible wedding flowers for a cupcake bouquet.

For the food-obsessed bride (and groom), deciding what food and drink to serve at your wedding is a hugely important decision. You probably have a good idea of what dishes and cocktails you definitely want to avoid, but settling on the perfect menu can be extremely challenging. We’re here to provide you with more sneaky ways to incorporate edible treats into your wedding, by transforming your wedding decorations into part of your meal.

Edible Wedding Arrangements for the Food-Obsessed Bride (Slideshow)

There’s no doubt that wedding reception tables do look stunning when laden down with extravagant bouquets, floral table runners, and elegant stems at every place setting, but imagine if you could keep that beauty, and simultaneously transform it into something you might actually want to eat. Thankfully, that thought rather captured our imagination, so we have come up with 20 stunning and edible centerpieces which will look absolutely gorgeous at every wedding.

If you’re a crazily sweet-toothed bride, then your wedding day is definitely a time to give into those sugar cravings. Swap the decorative roses for chocolate-coated strawberries in the summer, or caramel apples in the autumn, for the tastiest wedding centerpiece. If you’re the trendy organic-focused bride, who wants to incorporate local seasonal produce into her rustic, outdoor wedding, dot some beautiful bright fruits amongst the leaves and flowers of your flowing table runner, or serve vegetable crudités in a bed of hummus, as a pretty and delicious appetizer.


Whether you’re trying to create a refined, high-end wedding reception, or to add some fun and color to your bohemian dinner, these 20 edible centerpieces will provide you with plenty of food-focused wedding décor inspiration.