5 Perfect Ingredients for a Unique Wedding Bouquet

Add a little seasonal touch to your wedding day flowers

Add a bit of texture and fresh elements into your wedding bouquet!

If you’re interested in how you can create some avante garde details in your nature-inspired wedding then take a look at these distinctive bouquet ideas. Unusual flowers, like protea, and unexpected ingredients such as organic cotton, naturally shed feathers, local fruit, or vegetables can make for a stunning arrangement like no other. In fact, you may opt to forgo flowers altogether!

Your options are endless. Check out these inspiring bouquets I’ve rounded up for you, and find even more wedding flower inspiration in the Sweet Violet Bride flower gallery.

Fruits and Vegetables: Adding berries, small citrus, apples, or pomegranates adds a special dash of something sweet to your bouquet, while the list of garden greens pretty enough for bouquets is endless. Try kale for a green ruffled effect, sage for something soft, mint for a fresh aroma, colorful radishes, or mini artichokes for a veggie bouquet that will leave a lasting impression.

Cotton: Cotton definitely isn’t the first thing you might think about when imagining your bouquet or centerpieces, but it sure will give your wedding a unique rustic style.

Protea: These are some of the most stunning flowers. Their unique shape makes for bouquets and centerpieces that you and your guests will never forget. They also make for a surprisingly easy DIY bouquet, using a single protea surrounded by simple leaves.

Feathers: few eye-catching feathers such as large quill feathers, can create a rustic and wild look, whereas fluffy feathers will create a soft, elegant appearance.

Succulents: Succulents are an unexpected and beautiful alternative to traditional flowers for your wedding. They’re known for their thick and fleshy leaves and their ability to retain water in arid climates. They make great earthy wedding favors as they travel well compared to say, potted herbs.


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