Edible Accents for Your Wedding Décor

Have an appetite for style? Opt for centerpieces with unique fruit and vegetable flourishes

Edible arrangements

Back when celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito was working in restaurant kitchens, he had hired me to do the flowers. Ever since then, I have had a fascination with edible décor. He always gave me carte blanche to go into his walk-in refrigerator to choose my favorite ingredients to add to the arrangements I designed to surprise and delight his guests.

If you and your fiancé are true foodies, you can personalize your wedding design with more than just flowers. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are readily available and often much less expensive than exotic blossoms, so you can support your local farmers and save money while creating unique accents for your reception.

Classic: Fruits

Grapes make a romantic, lush addition to flowers (left) for a feast-like tablescape. Use classical or modern vessels, according to your taste, and make it easy by featuring just one element per container (green grapes in one vase, roses in another, for example). Add hunks of Parmesan cheese and little bowls of olives and your guests will have something to nosh on before dinner is served.

Apples and pears (right) create a wonderfully elegant autumnal look when displayed in metal baskets and glass compotes. Look for different varieties of apples and pears — there are so many — from petite red Lady apples to bigger Galas and MacIntoshes to the golds and greens of Golden Delicious and Granny Smiths. Pears also come in different shapes and sizes and are good to use to round out your design. 

More Modern: Vegetables

If your aesthetic is more modern, use boxy wood or glass containers to fashion a geometric centerpiece (above, at top right) with garlic, peppers, and mushrooms, with cylindrical votive candles tucked here and there.

If you’re setting up bars, food stations, or another space where you need a big visual focal point, fill clear glass vases with fun edibles that match your color palette (left), like prickly pear, peppers, and Asian luffa (you can also use cucumbers) to create large, eye-catching displays.

Create No Waste:


Another great thing about edible décor is that if you keep the elements whole, you can either pack them up to do double duty as guest favors. Bushel baskets, pails, or even brown paper bags with fun stickers on them make excellent takeaway containers. Or donate the leftover items to a local soup kitchen or food pantry and share the bounty of your love to help others. (Photos courtesy of William Geddes)