The 9 Worst Foods to Serve at a Wedding

Your dinner might be delicious, but it’s also dying to drip all over your carefully selected outfit
The 9 Worst Foods to Serve at a Wedding

What happens when the children's table realizes that this is essentially red dye?

With wedding season well under way, we couldn’t help but think of all the food — good and bad — that has made it to the reception halls of weddings past. Some spreads have been spectacular, and others a little less so.

By the time you get to eat, the guests and wedding party alike are usually more than happy to make do either way, because there’s partying ahead — and, hopefully, an open bar.

There are, however, a few dishes that are especially bad for weddings, where the amount of care you put into your ensemble seems to correlate directly with your likelihood of coming into contact with a dish that has unlimited potential to ruin your outfit.

We’ve selected some of the most dangerous dishes to serve at a wedding, chosen for their inherent ability to stain, or for the simple fact that they have no place at an event where two people are pledging eternal devotion — delivery pizza, for example, which is based on a true story which you can read in the slideshow.

An All-Meat or All-Vegetable Menu

Whether the new bride and groom are the sort of people who won’t eat anything they didn’t hunt themselves, or are the sort of vegans who believe their future baby should follow suit, it’s not a good call to present a menu that makes guests choose between protein and produce. For a hands-off approach, these simple DIY serving stations offer the guests plenty of options.

Anything the Guests Have to See Alive Before the Wedding


Even if the wedding takes place on a farm, not all the guests will be as on board with the farm-to-table movement as others. As a general rule, don’t ask your guests to stare into the eyes of the creature who will be presented shortly on fine china.