Creative, Crazy Ice Cream Recipes the Kids Will Love

Turn your own kitchen into a wacky ice cream flavor-creating factory
Cookie Ice Cream


Fill your ice cream with cookies for the ultimate sweet treat.

In the heart of the kids’ summer vacation, ice cream has become an almost-daily treat. You have probably been dividing your ice cream-eating sessions between the ever-singing truck and the pints of Ben and Jerry’s in your freezer, but it’s time to add homemade ice cream to your kids’ frozen sweet treat routine.  These ice cream recipes are not as basic as strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, as we know your kids’ tastes are now far too sophisticated for anything so simple. Instead, we’ve collected our favorite exciting, innovative ice cream flavors, which range from cookie butter to blueberry pie to raspberry cheesecake.

Creative, Crazy Ice Cream Recipes the Kids Will Love (Slideshow)

These crazy and creative ice cream recipes will be so popular with the kids that they’ll no longer be begging you to buy another pint of Phish Food when you pass the freezer section of the grocery store. Instead, the little ones will be nagging you to whip up another batch of your fabulous, sweet, magical cinnamon roll ice cream, of which they just can’t get enough. A freezer filled with homemade gelato is one of the happiest-ever summer kitchen situations.


If you have an ice cream machine, making ice cream is really simple: Cook a basic custard, add in your flavors and extra fancy additions, and finally churn and freeze it. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, then don’t despair. There are several creamy and delicious ice cream recipes that don’t require you to have a fancy bit of kit, but are still incredibly easy to put together (in fact, the no-churn recipes are often even easier). Feel free to play with the extra toppings and additions, letting your and your kids’ taste buds guide the way, to create the most wonderful, innovative ice creams you’ve ever tried, right in your own kitchen.