Ice Cream


Homemade Ice Cream Is the Absolute Best — and Easiest — Dinner Party Dessert

End your summer dinner party with homemade ice cream for the tastiest and most impressive dessert
Ice Cream


Homemade ice cream makes the most decadent dinner party dessert.

If you’re thinking about hosting a dinner party in these warm summer months, you’re probably planning a beautiful, relaxed, outdoor affair, with fairy lights strewn around the porch, candles flickering on the table, steaks sizzling on the grill, and bottles of rosé chilling on ice. But then you start thinking about dessert, and besides bowls of fresh summer berries, your brain probably draws a blank.

The thought of spending an afternoon, or even an hour, baking by the searing hot oven on a beautiful summer’s day is not tempting. Luckily, ice cream is going to be your savior. No, we’re not suggesting that you end your dinner party with a few tubs of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s, but rather that you serve your own homemade frozen treat.

If you don’t have an ice cream machine, and aren’t willing to invest in one quite yet, it is definitely still possible to make ice cream. Follow one of these amazing no-churn ice-cream methods to make your favorite ice cream, without having to spend your pay check on another unnecessary bit of kitchen equipment. There are several different methods you can try, all of which are detailed here. Our favorite is definitely the simple food processor option, which just requires you to make your ice cream, freeze it, and then blend it to the texture of gelato in your blender.

Semifreddo is another ice cream variation that doesn’t need to be made in an ice cream machine. A custard base is lightened with whipped egg whites before being frozen. Served in slices, this frozen Italian dessert has the lightest, most irresistible texture, which every ice cream-lover will adore. There’s no risk of ice crystals or solid ice cream being a problem when making or serving this homemade summer dessert.


Finally, if you have an ice cream machine, or are willing to fill your kitchen cupboards with one, then go all out and end your meal with a smooth, classic ice cream, served in glasses or cones. Make sure you tell everyone that you made this ice cream yourself — whether it’s the real deal, no-churn, or semifreddo — and everyone will be convinced that you’re a culinary genius, a domestic goddess, and the ultimate host. No one needs to know how simple it was to pull together such a tasty summer dessert.