21 Things Every College Dorm Room Needs Besides a Microwave

Make sure your college packing list includes all of these items


Make sure you don't realize you've forgotten one of these essentials when you're unpacking at college.

Packing up for college can be stressful and time-consuming. You begin packing late in the summer when the start of your first college semester is looming, and you’re excited about this new stage in your life. After 15 minutes, this activity has become a whole lot less interesting, and it then takes at least a week of gradually adding things to a heap in the corner of your room until you think you’ve probably got everything… but can’t be quite sure because you can’t remember what’s at the bottom of the pile.

Thankfully, there aren’t that many things that are totally essential to your freshman year: As long as you have the following 21 items, your dorm room set-up will be as ideal as possible. We’ll leave it to you to decide what clothes, towels, linens, and books you really need.

21 Things Every College Dorm Room Needs Besides a Microwave (Slideshow)

A microwave is certainly the most essential dorm room item. Your diet will consist solely of foods that can be heated up in the microwave, and you’ll soon learn what it can and can’t be used for (setting it on fire by putting in food wrapped in aluminum is one dramatic way to find out). By the end of your first semester, we guarantee your knowledge of the inner workings of your microwave will be more in depth than what you’ve learned in any course you’ve taken.

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So, besides a microwave, what else does your dorm room need? Well, a coffee-maker is another life-essential: How are you going to get out of bed and make it to your lectures on time if there’s not a coffee-maker within arm’s reach of your pillow? And make sure you think like a practical grown-up, too — your dorm room isn’t going to clean itself. Basic cleaning equipment, like a dust buster, wet wipes, and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner, are all you need to keep your dorm room at an acceptably hygienic level for the year.

Read on to find out which 21 dorm room essentials you need to double check are on your packing list before you set out for your freshman year.

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