A College Freshman Tells You How to Eat Vegan on a Budget

A first-year college student shares her methods for sticking to her vegan diet while at school
A College Freshman Tells You How to Eat Vegan on a Budget


Following a vegan diet can be “extremely cheap” if you know where to look, Thompson says.

The vegan diet, if that’s your thing, is becoming increasingly accessible in the age of Instagram, as social media connects people with a growing network of recipe ideas and tips for living well.

One young vegan, first-year university student Zoe Thompson, recently wrote a blog post for the Guardian sharing tips on how to maintain a vegan diet within the confines of the college cafeteria. The trick, Thompson found, was to cook for herself.

“Following a vegan diet can be extremely cheap for students,” Thompson writes. “For example, one thing I depend on is the sweet potato. Not needing an oven or a hob, the humble root vegetable is microwaveable in under five minutes. A jacket sweet potato can easily be stuffed with hummus or ready-made falafel, beans and steamed vegetables, making a really tasty (and notably quick) lunch.”

Also recommended by the vegan on a budget are Uncle Ben’s quick-cooking rice varieties, lentils, vegetable soups, plus curry bases and miso to “add some sparkle to tinned beans or tofu.”

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“I’m proud to be sensitive to animal rights and that I have garnered enough independence, creativity and self-acceptance to live this way and let others know and learn about it,” Thompson writes of her veganism. “Hopefully, my case serves as a testament to the fact that anyone, anywhere can be vegan if they truly have the passion for it.”