Victory Champagne Showers... Why?

Is this the best way to celebrate?

Shutterstock/ Africa Studio

Someone got a little too excited.

Nowadays, when a victorious athlete, sports team, or celebrity sprays Champagne all over everyone, no one flinches. Champagne showers have become the norm, which isn’t a bad thing.

Though you’re not surprised when someone celebrates by spraying Champagne everywhere, have you ever stopped to wonder why they’re doing it? Or, more importantly, who did it first?

According to writer and photographer Beverley Byer, there are a few people who claim they were the first to celebrate with a Champagne shower.

1967 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Dan Gurney claims he deserves credit for starting the tradition. After he won the auto race, overwhelmed with excitement, he sprayed himself and everyone around him with Champagne. An article published on All American Racers quotes Gurney, who states that was so thrilled, he felt an urge to shake a bottle of Moët that was given to him after winning.

Scottish Formula One driver Jackie Stewart is another early supporter of the Champagne shower. Stewart sprayed everyone around him after he won the 1969 French Formula One Grand Prix motor race.

There could have been someone who did it before them — who knows? Regardless, if you were looking for a specific reason as to why the Champagne shower is actually a thing, you probably could have guessed it on your own.


In a nutshell: Champagne is known for being a celebratory drink, and the people who are celebrating are too excited to keep the bubbly from literally bubbling over