3 DIY Ways to Use Hangers in Your Kitchen

If you need extra space, try using this cheap solution

These nifty tools aren't just for closets!

As a lover of food, it is likely that you are collecting cookware more than couture. As a result, your pantry is probably more cluttered than your closet. So what can you do with all of those empty coat hangers? Turn them into kitchen space-savers! Don’t think that it is possible? We can show you three ways that a hanger can be a handy kitchen organizer.

Paper Towel Holder
If you want an off-the-counter paper towel holder but do not want to install an under-the-counter towel rack, consider using a wire hanger. All you will need to do is take wire cutters and clip the curved end of one of your hangers. Bend up the edge of the severed hook and you can create a movable latch. Simply slip the wire through the paper towel roll, and latch it to keep secure. Hook the hanger onto a simple wall nail or use a Command Strip hook to connect to a tile backsplash.

Utensil Organizer
For all of those wooden utensils or measuring cups with holes in the handles, you can get them out of your cabinet and hang them in your kitchen. Take any old hanger and secure it in an easily accessible place. Hang some cleaned, old shower curtain hooks on the bottom part of the hanger and slip the utensils in wherever they can fit. Voilà!


Hand Towel Holder
The simplest way to use a hanger in your kitchen, a hand towel holder is a great way to get those damp towels off your oven handles. Simply secure the hanger wherever you can, and drape your towel over it. We promise that given the right hanger, it will give your kitchen a rustic feel!