Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Staying healthy in college is just as important as succeeding in your studies
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Balancing the books and a healthy diet may be easier than you think.

College introduces a new environment with different, and sometimes limited food options. It’s easy to put on a few pounds by eating less nutritious foods and more high-calorie foods.

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To help curb this trend, we spoke with Subway dietician Lanette Kovachi about some easy-to-follow tips that will allow students to maintain a nutritious diet while adjusting to college life.

“College affords students many freedoms, including the option to eat whatever you want, whenever you want,” Kovachi said. “If you can learn to navigate this tempting food environment early on, chances are that making smart eating choices will come much easier long after graduation and yield lasting health benefits.”

Make Time For Breakfast
“Breakfast is the fuel and nourishment the body needs to prepare for the day’s physical and mental activities,” Kovachi said. “Eating breakfast also appears to play an important role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Make sure you include something protein-rich in your breakfast, like eggs, egg whites, yogurt, low fat milk, or nut butter. Pair with fiber-rich whole grain options such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal or shredded wheat.”

Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand
“Stock your dorm room with nutritious snacks like fruit, whole-grain crackers, mixed nuts, and reduced fat cheese-sticks,” Kovachi said. “To banish midday cravings, bring nutritious, filling snacks with you as you go from class to class. Perfect examples are a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and granola or veggies with hummus.”

Choose Wisely On The Go
“Look for convenient, nutritious food options on the go that pack in protein such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies,” Kovachi said. “Do a little research and look for nearby options that are healthy and tasty!”

The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor Joanna Adduci.

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