7 Dorm Foods You Can Make with a Hot Pot

It’s amazing what you can create with a little hot pot
Hot Pot

College students everywhere struggle to find ways to save money — all while relishing a delicious meal. The cafeteria is a go-to, but sometimes you want a home-cooked meal right in your dorm room. The hot pot is a game-changer. These water-heating appliances can do so much more than make tea and Cup Noodles. Not only can you cook Easy Hot Pot Spaghetti, you can also whip up a tasty Hot Pot Mac and Cheese. We have these and other great recipes perfect for the days when you don’t feel like trekking to the dining hall.

7 Dorm Foods You Can Make with a Hot Pot

Being able to multi-task is the joy of using your hot pot. While making a new easy-to-create dish, you can focus on homework without the risk of overcooking your meal.

Another joy of your new favorite dorm room toy is that you won’t overheat your living space when making hot dogs for you weekly kickback with friends during football season. While most dorms have a limited electricity capacity, the hot pot will pass the wattage requirements each time.

Head to the market, stock up on your favorite vegetables, and serve up some seasonal delights with friends all year long.

Easy Hot Pot Spaghetti


This easy-to-create spaghetti will be a go-to for dinner after a long day. Better yet, you can make it right in your hot pot.

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Hot Pot Garden Pasta Salad


This simple hot pot garden pasta is perfect for the weekend when you're cleaning out your dorm refrigerator. You can toss in almost any vegetable to complement this dish.


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