The Daily Dish: Subway Canada’s ‘Chicken’ Is Only Half Chicken… So What Else Is in It?

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Subway Canada’s ‘Chicken’ is Only Half Chicken…So What Else Is in It?

When you buy a grilled chicken sub from Subway, you may think you’re making a healthy choice. But what are you really eating? In an alarming new study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, DNA results show that Subway Canada’s “chicken breasts” are actually only 50 percent chicken. The rest is composed of soy filler and other additives. Even worse, Subway’s chicken strips were only 42.8 percent poultry in the DNA testing. “Our chicken strips and oven roasted chicken contain one percent or less of soy protein,” Subway Canada said in a statement. “We will look into this again with our supplier to ensure that the chicken is meeting the high standard we set for all of our menu items and ingredients.”

Schmaltz Brewing Co.

New York Brewery Debuts the First of Three Limited ‘Star Trek’ Beers

From Star Trek-themed wine to Warnog ale, fans of the iconic American sci-fi series have always found a way to praise the franchise while they get their drink on. New York-based Shmaltz Brewing Co. is at it again with its second launch of Star Trek specialty beers. The debut of Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, is the first in a line of three limited edition beers slated to roll out throughout the year, according to the press release. The new beer is available in four-packs at retailers in 35 states across the country, and will be available on draft at select bars.


Restaurant Numbers Nationwide Are on the Downturn

More people than ever before are staying in than eating out, and now restaurant openings nationwide are starting to reflect that trend. New data, compiled by the NPD Group — a consumer market research company — reveals that as of fall 2016, the total number of restaurants nationwide dipped two percent, while restaurant density (restaurants per capita) is at its lowest point in 10 years. “This is the most significant drop in total U.S. restaurant counts since the recession,” says Greg Starzynski, director of product management for NPD Foodservice, which tracks food service trends, in a statement. “If consumers continue to reduce their restaurant visits, we expect the number and density of restaurant units will continue to decline in response to the lower demand.”


Easy Sous-Vide With Sansaire’s Latest High-Tech Cooking Device

Sansaire, a sous-vide appliance company, has launched its latest product, the Sansaire Delta — a small, Wi-Fi-compatible device that allows users to adapt this trendy cooking method to their own cookware. If you’re in the dark about sous-vide, it’s a cooking method that uses accurate temperature control to slow-cook vacuum-sealed food evenly in a water bath and minimize overcooking, according to the company website. The Sansaire Delta is currently available for pre-order online with a pre-sale price of $199. The product is expected to ship this summer.

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This is Why McDonald’s Coca-Cola Tastes So Good


Have you ever noticed a difference in the taste of McDonald’s Coca-Cola compared to that served by other fast-food companies? If so, it’s not in your head. According to McDonald’s, the company follows Coca-Cola’s guidelines to make sure the beverage is as consistent in taste as its bottled soda. To begin with, the syrup is delivered in stainless steel containers to help preserve the flavor of the ingredients. The water and Coca-Cola syrup are also pre-chilled with a ratio of syrup that will allow for ice to melt prior to going into restaurant fountain dispensers, which are also kept at a temperature just above freezing to produce quality-tasting soda. Lastly, McDonald’s supplies a straw that is slightly wider than average, so the crisp taste of Coca-Cola can spread throughout your taste buds.