Subway is Rolling Out Fancy New Grilled Chicken

Subway has announced the release of its new grilled chicken strips formula

If you bite into a grilled chicken sandwich at Subway these days, your mouth may be a little bit happier.

Subway is jumping on the menu improvement bandwagon. While it’s not exactly offering a new item, Subway’s latest innovation is a revamp of its original grilled chicken recipe using simple flavorings with a bit of a kick. The latest menu improvement joins Subway’s promise this year to remove azodicarbonamide (the “yoga mat” material), as well as removing artificial colors, flavorings, and high-fructose corn syrup from many of its products. (The wording “most” means that these additives can still be found on Subway menus, but just in smaller quantities).

“A lot of companies seem to be jumping on the ’menu improvement bandwagon.’ At Subway, we have been offering healthier, nutritious choices since our founding 50 years ago and have always been making menu improvements,” said Subway dietician Lanette Kovachi. “Introducing our new grilled chicken strips is just the latest example of how we are striving to make our products even better — making it easy for customers to not only make choices they can feel good about, but also making those choices delicious.”


Kovachi also explained that the sandwich chain has been improving the quality of 18 other products on the Subway menu, including increasing whole grains to 51 percent in the 9-Grain Wheat bread, with more changes to come.