The Biggest Food Trends of 2016

2016 was a year to remember, at least from a culinary standpoint
Rainbow Bagel


Rainbow bagels really have no reason for existing, but they do look pretty.

2016 was one of the most topsy-turvy years in recent memory, with a whole lot of moments that very few could have predicted, from a slew of shocking celebrity deaths to Donald Trump being elected president. And the same principle largely held true for the biggest culinary trends of the year: Some were easy to see coming, while others came completely out of left field.

The Biggest Food Trends of 2016 (Slideshow)

Last December, we ventured to predict what we thought would be the hottest culinary trends of 2016. Even though we hit the nail on the head a handful of times — like with “ugly” fruits, turmeric, and Hawaiian food — some predictions admittedly didn’t come to fruition — like English sparkling wines, the emergence of pulses, a proliferation of online grocery options, and an explosion of restaurants with wood ovens.


Looking back on 2016, some hot food trends were exciting, forward-thinking, and nothing short of (potentially) revolutionary for the food world at large. We saw some of 2015’s biggest trends come into their own, like fast-casual dining concepts, “clean” eating, and vegetable-focused menus. But some of 2016’s biggest trends were, for lack of a better word, pretty dumb. And as for fast food, well, that exists in a world unto itself, and it definitely saw some major trends as well. 2016’s trends represent both the highbrow and the lowbrow; these were the year’s 10 biggest trends overall.