Creative Recipes for Perfectly Crispy Chicken Strips

Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Strips cut down on prep, which leaves you with more time for creativity in the kitchen

Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Strips make the perfect base for quick and creative meal time.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make an elaborate home-cooked meal, but that shouldn’t prevent you from making something that the whole family will enjoy. Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Strips help you prepare homemade meals without the prep time.

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Semi-homemade can still be delicious, and Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Strips are a delicious and easy place to start your meals, which makes this the perfect choice for this week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme).

We put the Culinary Content Network to the test to come up with wonderful one-pot meals to eat all winter long, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Karyn Granrud of the Pint Sized Baker brings us to the next level of savory meets sweet with this surprisingly simple recipe for honey maple chicken and doughnuts.
  • Lisa of Creole Contessa brings us a spicy chicken po’boy; crispy chicken strips with a simple spicy oil and serve on a bun to create this simple sandwich that pops with flavor.
  • This week’s winner comes from Platter Talk, who brings us their take on Stromboli. An easy, hearty crowd pleaser, this variation layers crispy chicken strips with ranch dressing, deli ham, and provolone cheese.

All of the recipes featured can be made at home for about $20 or less, excluding the cost of small amounts of basic ingredients such as butter, oil, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, and other dried herbs and spices.

Mexican Chicken Flatbreads

Mexican Chicken Flatbreads

Aaron Hutch/The Hungry Hutch

Use pita as the base of this Mexican-style flatbread pizza, layered with refried beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, cheese, and crispy chicken. Click here to see the recipe.

Cheesy Bacon Chicken

Cheesy Bacon Chicken

Nancy Piran/The Bitter Side of Sweet

Top bacon and crispy chicken with shredded mozzarella and barbecue sauce for an easy, cheesy casserole that will become a family favorite. Click here to see the recipe.