Coke and Pepsi Start Using Real Cane Sugar

Pepsi True and Coca Cola Life are made with real sugar and natural sweeteners: no high fructose corn syrup found anywhere
Coke and Pepsi Start Using Real Cane Sugar

Even with the real stuff, sugar in soda really adds up.

Big soda companies are really trying to improve their image with sodas made with real sugar. With the rampant popularity of Mexico’s Coca-Cola made with raw cane sugar, it will probably work. Enter the newest additions to the Coke and Pepsi lines (complete with New Age-y names and green, scripted logos), Coca-Cola Life, and Pepsi True. Pepsi True, which was just released last month, is made with real sugar and Stevia. Coca-Cola Life, which was announced last week, is also made with cane sugar and Stevia. The result? Both competitors have fewer calories (60 calories per 8 ounces as opposed to the normal 90 calories) and lower sugar levels overall.

Both Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi True are being marketed as low-calorie sodas, but not necessarily diet sodas because they are made with real sugar, not sugar alternatives. Pepsi True comes in 12-packs of 8-ounce cans, and Coca-Cola Life is being sold in retro green glass bottles.

“We ultimately want to be leaders in this emerging segment, and Coca-Cola Life is our first effort to make this a reality,” explains Andy McMillin, vice president, Coca-Cola brands, Coca-Cola North America in a statement. “For consumers looking for a reduced-calorie soft drink sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract, this is a great-tasting option.”

Both soft drinks are part of Big Soda’s promise to reduce beverage calories by 20 percent by 2015.

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