Easy Sous-Vide With Sansaire’s Latest High-Tech Cooking Device

Cook anything from eggs to fish with the Sansaire Delta

The device can transform any cooking pot into a sous vide machine.

Sansaire, a sous-vide appliance company, has launched its latest product, the Sansaire Delta — a small, wi-fi-compatible device that allows users to adapt this trendy cooking method to their own cookware.

If you’re in the dark about sous-vide, it’s a cooking method that uses accurate temperature control to slow-cook vacuum-sealed food evenly in a water bath and minimize overcooking, according to the company website.

The Sansaire Delta offers a sleek touchscreen to set the time, temperature, and settings.

It also comes equipped with the Sansaire app, available for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to interact with the device, discover new recipes, and receive notifications.

The Sansaire Delta is currently available for pre-order online with a pre-sale price of $199. The product is expected to ship out this summer.


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