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The Daily Dish: Lady Gaga is Launching a Line of ‘Grigio Girls’ Wine

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Lady Gaga is Launching a Line of ‘Grigio Girls’ Wine

Lady Gaga is proving she can really do it all as she plans to enter the wine industry and launch her own brand of wine, Grigio Girls, which will include wine coolers, wine cocktails, and wine punches. The brand is named after the song “Grigio Girls” from the singer’s 2016 album, Joanne, which paid tribute to her friend Sonja Durham, who is battling stage 4 cancer. “The song is about womanhood and sticking together and encouraging one another and teaching each other that it’s ok to cry together and need one another, and that we can’t do it alone,” Gaga said in a interview in October.


The Rock Broke the World Record for Largest 7-Layer Dip

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson broke a world record with his 540-pound, 7-layer fiesta dip, constructed by his production team over the weekend. The carefully constructed layers of guacamole, beans, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, green onions, and black olives, packed into a 100-gallon fish tank, easily surpassed the previous record of 440.925 pounds. The Rock partnered with his YouTube studio to create the monstrosity over the course of five hours. Johnson was actually not in the room when it was created, but it was his team, so he took credit for it, according to Foodbeast. After the dip broke the record, it was delivered immediately to LA's Midnight Mission for consumption by the homeless.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Hires a Veggie Butcher, Among Other Fancy Additions

From asparagus water to gentrified versions of chopped cheese sandwiches, Whole Foods sure has sold its fair share of eyebrow-raising products. The latest service offered by Whole Foods is a produce butcher that will be on-hand to clean, trim, and custom-cut vegetables and fruit. For now, this unusual service is only available at the Bryant Park Whole Foods location in New York City, but, if successful, it could spread to other Whole Foods locations.

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Beer Claims Title of America’s ‘Go-to’ Alcoholic Beverage, With Wine Coming in a Close Second

Among adults 21 years and older in the United States, beer is the preferred alcoholic drink, according to a survey by The Harris Poll conducted in January. The Harris Poll surveyed 2,148 people and found that nearly four in 10 of Americans who drink several times a year or more prefer beer as their beverage of choice, Beverage Daily reported. A close second was wine, which 31 percent of American adults chose as their “go-to” drink; 28 percent preferred spirits and liquor. For those who chose beer, 38 percent preferred domestic, non-craft beer; 28 percent preferred craft beer; and 23 percent preferred imported beer.


Dominique Ansel Is Opening His First Full-Service Restaurant in Los Angeles


From the trademarked Cronut to 3-D churros, Dominique Ansel is the mastermind behind all that is sweet and creative. He has shops in New York CityTokyo, and London, and later this year, Ansel will take his creations to the West Coast for the opening of a new bakery and his first full-service restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant name has yet to be revealed, but it will serve brunch, dinner, cocktails, and confections, according to the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a different culture here,” Ansel told the LA Times. “People seem more patient; they seem to give you more of a chance to express yourself.”