We knew that being a proud beer snob had to be good for something.

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Craft Beer-Drinkers Have Healthier Habits Than Other Americans, Study Says

A recent study conducted by Harris Poll has found that people who drink more craft beer eat healthier and exercise more

Are you into visiting small microbreweries and scoff at your friends who are content with drinking Corona? Congratulations, you may be healthier than the rest of us.

A recent study from Harris Poll has showed that people who drink craft beer regularly tend to have healthier habits than those who prefer cheaper beer or other types of liquor. Craft beer-drinkers usually make healthier eating decisions and exercise regularly.

The poll surveyed 1,978 adults over 21 and found that 73 percent of craft beer-drinkers view their libation of choice as “an indulgence for special occasions.” More than half of respondents say they exercise several times a week, as compared with about half of all non-craft beer-drinkers. About 78 percent are also most likely to read nutrition labels (as opposed to 73 percent of big name brand beer-drinkers). Most craft beer-lovers only drink on the weekends, according to the survey.

“This presents some interesting challenges to brewers and retailers, but could also represent opportunities,” Danelle Kosmal, Vice President of Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Practice, said in a statement. “First, it’s important for brewers to prioritize weekends for their biggest events in-store or at the brew pub and tasting rooms. This is when craft drinkers are thinking most about beer-drinking occasions. However, there also could be new opportunities to engage craft drinkers by creating weekday drinking occasions.”

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